How to Make Church Appealing to Young People

One of the hardest things that a church has to face is when people get older and they decide that church is not for them. You would see that most churches will have programs where parents can bring their kids, whether they are elementary or middle school age. But when children start to get into their late teens and early 20s, there is a tendency for them to look away from church for inspiration and their purpose in life. While this is understandable, it is also an issue for many churches.

So how can a church ensure that it is remaining appealing to young people, whether they are in their 20s or 30s? There is a sense that most churches have a ton of members who are 40 or older, and then their children. But we want to ensure that churches also have a lot of young people attending, because they are the current and future generations who are going to make the biggest impact on how the world looks in the coming decades. And one way to make church more appealing is to ensure that young people feel as though they are a part of the process.

Having musical nights at church is an ideal way to get more young people attending. College-aged kids do not want to sit through a dull sermon for a few hours. They would much rather be a part of church where there are great musical events happening. This gives them a chance to reconnect with their Christian values, but it also ensures they are having fun during that process. Churches can also host events at nearby colleges where kids can get together and talk about what religion and church means to them. Instead of having adults talk at them, young people can talk with each other to get more involved at church.