Five Figures of Fairy Tail Manga

The desire for all things related to sorcery has never been higher since the Fairy Tail Manga anime series was renewed. This is a list of 5 figures for sale featuring some of your favorite Fairy Tail characters.

  1. Natsu Dragneel Figure

There is no Fairy Tail manga list that can be complete if our favorite dragon slayer Natsu is missing. Natsu, a vehicle-hating protagonist, who is usually motion sick whenever he gets in any vehicle, starts our list. His first figure, which comes from Good Smile Company, was launched in September 2014. This figure emanates from the sculptor Urota-kun and is a pre-painted PVC figure that stands at 22cm (approximately 8 inches) tall. It will set you back around 29000 yen ($235 US).

  1. Erza Scarlet Battle Version Figure

Erza Scarlet, our second figure, is the Titania herself. Erza, the Equip Magic wielder can boast of different armors she has acquired since she escaped from the Tower of Heaven. This figure made by X Plus and sculpted by Togita Keijirou was launched in February 2015 and it shows her putting on the outfit she wore in her battle with Kagura. For you to get this 20cm (7 inches tall) figure, you will need around 40,000 yen (about $325 US).

     3. Mirajane Strauss Figure

The Mirajane figure, which was also made by X Plus and sculpted by M.I.C was launched in June 2014. The figure, a completely pre-painted figure created from a mix of PVC and ABS resembles one that could be on the cover of Sorcerer Magazine. It stands at around 14 cm (about 5 inches) tall and its financial outlay is around 45,000 yen ($364 US).

  1. Wendy Marvell Swimsuit Figure

The Wendy figure is also from X Plus and was released in March 2008. The figure, which is 16 cm (approximately 6 inches) tall, was created from a mix of PVC and ABS. And just like Mirajane, the Wendy figure was also molded by M.I.C. To add this to your collection, you need to pay about 50,000 yen (about $405 US).

  1. Juvia Lockster Figure

The figure of Juvia, the Gray obsessed wizard, was released in June 2014 by X Plus. Juvia is a totally pre-painted figure and is 20 cm tall (about 8 inches). The sexy swimsuit figure can be yours for around 55, 300 yen (around $448 US).

For our Fairy Tail manga fans, the five figures shown above should go a long way in confirming your love for the number one guild in Fiore, Fairy Tail.




Benefits of the Best Solar Generator Compared to A Gas Generator

The best solar generator is one that functions optimally to generate sufficient power to meet the needs of the user. Let’s compare the benefits of the solar generator to those of the gas generator.

How Does a Solar Generator Work?

A solar generator consists of photovoltaic (PV) panels, batteries, an inverter, and a charge regulator. The function of the PV panels is to convert sunlight into electricity which is sent to the charge regulator.

The charge regulator propels the electricity into the batteries until they are fully charged. DC (direct current) electricity in the batteries is then converted into AC (alternating current) electricity by the inverters.

The system is quite simple without any moving parts. Here are some benefits of the best solar generator;

  • They are green. No gas to burn, and they don’t emit toxic fumes
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How Does A Gas Generator Work

A gas generator functions by converting the chemical energy from gasoline into mechanical energy which is then converted into electrical energy. The generator uses an engine coupled with an alternator. The gas burns in the engine and turns the crankshaft which goes on to turn the alternator rotor. The rotor is essentially a copper wire coil which spins past fixed magnets. As the copper wire goes over the magnets, they prompt some electric charge in the wire. When the whole process is sped up, a significant amount of electricity is generated. This system is a lot more complex and it involves a lot of moving parts.

Here are some benefits of Gas generators;

  • Easy to operate. All it takes to get them going is to fill them with gas, press the starter button or pull the cord, and you have power.
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  • Due to the fact that they are simple to build and mass produced, they are much less expensive than the best solar generator of equal capacity.