Know the basics about recliners before buying

One day, we all have to get old and might need the help of others to sit on a chair. Old age may be troublesome for many people, and many people might not be able to move on their own. At that cripple age, it is important to find comfort, a place to lie or sit that offers comfort. Recliners are the best option at that age to be comfortable. They offer the highest comfort level with features like swivel or massage, so if you are going shopping for a recliner, you must know everything about it before you make a purchase. Before you buy a recliner, you must know all about recliners. Not every recliner is tailor made for your needs, so there are a few basics that must be known before selecting a chair for an elderly person or any other family member.

What are leather recliner chairs?

A recliner is a movable chair or sofa that rises and reclines back, offering comfort. It is made for those who have trouble getting up or lying down. Mostly, senior citizens enjoy these recliners as they can sit back, lie and stand up from them very easily. These are basically motorized chairs which can be moved up and down and adjusted easily with just a push of a button. The recliners have the capacity to lift almost anybody’s weight. They have varied prices according to their features; the more features in the recliner, the more expensive it is.

If you know about recliners, then you must also know that they offer arms that flip open for storage, leg extensions, lumbar support, transfer arms, wall huggers, swivel features, heated seat/back, pillow back seat, and massaging features.

There are several factors which must be considered before buying these recliners. You should know all about recliners, their types, functions and technology, and many other factors. Here is a detailed explanation of recliners based on the number of positions they offer.

The Two Position Recliners

These are the most inexpensive of all. These recliners are for adults or anyone who will not be spending much time sitting. The 2 positions it offers are 45-degree sitting position and a lifted position which helps the person get out of the recliner easily.

The Three Position Recliner

These types of recliners offer three positions. These three positions are the regular 45-degree seating position, a position for napping, and a lifted position. These recliners are good for those people who want to rest and lay down without going to their bed.

The Infinite Position Recliners

With these types of recliners, you will have a variety of positions and numerous features. This type of recliner has all three basic positions: the 45-degree seating position, the napping position and the lifted position. Added to these three positions is a full flat position to make it a bed. There is also a Trendelenburg position.

What these recliners have in common?

As they are all motorized, all of these recliners have buttons for different positions. The person sitting on the recliner will only push the button or adjust the setting for the position in which he wants to sit. There are many recliners which have back controls as well as leg controls.

The choice of recliner based on weight

You must know about recliners and how much weight they can handle before you buy one. There are many other seating and size factors that must also be kept in mind. In general, recliners are good for a person who is 5 to 6 feet tall. Most of these recliners can handle seven hundred pounds. These are the heavy sofa recliners. The other traditional recliners can handle weight only 250 lbs or below. So, when you go to the market to buy recliners, consider all these options.


Some people like the controls on the back, while others like them on the front. Choose accordingly. There are also those kinds of recliners which have controls both on the back and the front.


Another consideration is the material. You can choose from vinyl, fiber, fabric, leather and blown fiber recliners. Different materials have a different price.

Stompa Bunk Beds

Stompa bunk beds are an amazing way of maximizing the room you have in your house to accommodating two people in a bedroom that without the bunk bed would only have housed one.

This type of arrangement is aimed more towards younger children, with the bunk beds generally being dismantled once puberty is reached.  Usually stompa bunk beds are aimed more towards starting families that have two children but are still living in a three bedroom first house.  Seeing as children don’t need the privacy that adults and teenagers do, it’s a great way not only to safe space but to hold out looking to buy a new property until you’re in a better position to do so.  Not only this, but it’s great at allowing your children to bond and talk, and gives them a greater sense of openness as well as giving skills at co-habitation.

Stompa bunk beds can cost anywhere from four hundred to a thousand pounds, and come in a vast array of different arrangements and styles.  For a start, some stompa bunk beds don’t actually have the traditional lower bunk.  This is in fact replaced with a desk or table for working, perhaps with a computer on.  On the other hand, it may in fact just be an area under the bed where storage can take place.  These types of storage bunk beds can be only an extra foot of the ground – or up to two meters, so the variety is massive.  This means a big deal to a lot of parents because children tend to acquire a lot of toys and random clutter.  The problem of where to store this is overcome when you consider that you can simply shove it all under the bed (out of sight, out of mind!).

However, stompa bunk beds aren’t just for those who are running out of living space in their home!  There’s a myriad of reasons why you’d want one, one being that it makes sleepovers for your children a lot easier when you don’t have to whip out an old dirty mattress and you can just let them sleep in the free bunk bed.  Not only this, but if you have close family relatives, for example your children’s cousins which visit regularly it’s another bonus.  But saving the other bunk for someone else isn’t the only reason, many people say that they actually feel safer and more at home sleeping on the top of a bunk bed.  There definitely is a certain feeling of safety and warmth as you’re raised several meters of the ground from all the monsters below!  One thing that may make a difference is that it certainly is easier on a parent’s back then a regular bed.  An average height adult can stand comfortably and communicate with their son or daughter without having to constantly bend down and lower their back.